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Integrated aggregate business planning



The aggregate planning models proposed in textbooks and scientific literature are much less useful than they should and could be in reality. In particular, they are not conceived as an instrument of integral planning of the areas of the company (most focus only on productive aspects). On the other hand, the level of aggregation of products, activities and time periods that is usually proposed is excessive for many applications and unnecessary, given the means of calculation currently available so they can be improved. They ignore the environmental impact of the company's activity and the possibility or presence of reverse logistics. Finally, they usually consider the input parameters deterministically and independently of other decisions.

The purpose of this research line is to design models and their corresponding resolution tools so that aggregate planning can be an adequate instrument to provide, in the medium term, with the activities of the main functional areas of the company and to ensure the coordination of the same. The line has been widely developed within the framework of the Integrated aggregate business planning research project, DPI2007-61588, whose results have been disseminated mainly through publications in journals and scientific conferences.

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