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Design and balancing of assembly lines in realistic environments II





Funding entities: Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología and FEDER 
    Ref: DPI2007-61905

Start date: 01/10/2007
End date: 31/12/2010





Pastor, Rafael

Scientific coordinator and contact


Coves, Anna Maria

Tenured professor


Ferrer-Martí, Laia

Tenured professor



Corominas, Albert

Professor emeritus


García-Villoria, Alberto

Tenured professor


Fernández, Vicenç

Tenured professor

Project description

Continuation of the DPI2004-03472 project, it has the same objective: to develop models and calculation instruments for the design and/or balancing of one or more more realistic production/assembly lines that, together, have the specified production capacity; everything in a deterministic context and with the priority objective of obtaining the optimal solution.

In this case, the following four industrial characteristics are treated, scarcely contemplated in the traditional academic treatment: 1) hierarchical minimization of the load of the different work stations: minimize the maximum workload, considering, then and in a hierarchical way the second maximum load, the third, etc .; 2) new measure of regularity in the sequencing of units in a mixed line: given D units (cars) of n types (specifically, di units of each type), it is a matter of sequencing them in a “regular” way, characterizing (measuring) the regularity as the weighted sum of the variations of the distances between two consecutive units of the same type of product; 3) precedence graph between OR tasks: it consists in the presence of OR precedents between tasks and is presented, for example, in the assembly of the rotor of an electric motor; 4) bulky products: in which, in the same product, several tasks are carried out in different stations simultaneously.


Amount: 99.099,00 €