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Long-term capacity planning and supply network design





Funding entity: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación 
      Ref: DPI2010-15614

Start date: 01/01/2011
End date: 31/03/2014







Lusa, Amaia

Scientific coordinator and contact


Mateo, Manel

Tenured professor


Calleja, Gemma

Tenured professor


Corominas, Albert

Profesor emeritus


Rubio, Sergio

Associate professor



Olivella, Jordi

Tenured professor


Benedito, Ernest

Tenured professor


Martínez, Carme

Tenured professor


Ribas, Imma

Tenured professor



Project description

The overall objective of the project is to develop strategic planning models and determine appropriate resolution procedures. Two lines of research are followed in strategic planning: (1) long-term capacity planning (PC); and (2) network design (DRS). Capacity planning (PC) must include, on the one hand, the needs to expand or reduce long-term capacity and, on the other hand, the possibilities to renew equipment. Consequently, the capacity plan includes the sale of equipment (and rents or assignments) in certain periods of time, as well as the periods when the equipment must be renewed. The resulting plan has to be economically viable for the investment to be efficient, taking into account the characteristics of the different sources of financing available and the possibilities of obtaining extra financing. Similarly, for the design of the network, the financing requirements as well as their consequences for the operation of the system must also be considered. Designing the supply network means deciding which existing units should be maintained and which ones should be created again, as well as establishing relationships between them. Regarding the PC, one or few systems of productive units are considered. On the other hand, for DRS they are considered complex systems (with suppliers, production and distribution units, etc., which can be located anywhere in the world) and analyzed at a particular time (static design). As a future objective, the possibility of integrating the two lines of research will be studied. That is, determine the DRS including the temporal dimension (dynamic design). In summary, it is intended to develop models and resolution tools for strategic capacity planning and network design considering both the current needs of companies and the scientific and technological possibilities that are available today.


Amount: 50.710,06 €