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Work and production planning with flexible working time





Funding entity: Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia
   Ref: DPI2004-05797 

Start date: 13/12/2004
End date: 13/12/2007






Corominas, Albert

Scientific coordinator and contact


García-Villoria, Alberto

Tenured professor


Martínez, Carme

Tenured professor


Ojeda, Jordi

Associate professor



Coves, Anna Maria

Tenured professor


Lusa, Amaia

Tenured professor


Olivella, Jordi

Tenured professor

Project description

The flexibility of working time (FTT) is a main instrument to achieve the flexibility of a productive system in the face of variations in demand. The FTT has different modalities, such as the annualization of working hours or working time accounts, and poses new problems with regard to the planning of working time and production. The general objective of the project is to extend and deepen the results of a previous project (DPI2001-2176: Organization of working time, with annualized hours, in industry and services) in terms of planning. Specifically:

  1. Establish a method and calculation instruments to determine the capacity required from the demand forecast.     
  2. Consider multiple scenarios when it comes to demand forecasting.     
  3. Establish planning models that explicitly incorporate the financial, fiscal and treasury management aspects.     
  4. Formalize the procedure and the replanning models.     
  5. Model and solve the planning problem with working hours accounts.


Amount: 88.850,00 €