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Waiting time when buying tickets at a cinema




Funding entity: CINESA

Start date: 25/10/2006
End date: 31/01/2008





Ferrer-Martí, Laia

Scientific coordinator and contact


García-Villoria, Alberto

Tenured professor







Pastor, Rafael

Senior professor


Corominas, Albert

Professor emeritus


Contract description

A key decision for multiplex movie theater managers is how many opened lockers are needed to avoid excess staff or poor service. In this work, a simulation model is developed to support the capacity management of the spanish leader in the multiplex cinema sector. The model uses data collected ad hoc., the user presents the movie schedule, the expected audience and the number of opened ticket offices and the model provides the expected level of service. The company has tested the model and considers that it estimates the waiting time correctly and allows adjusting the opened ticket offices to limit the waiting time without exceeding the staff.


Amount: 19.604,00 €


Main collaboration