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Task sequencing and timing algorithm




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Star date: 04/09/2006
End date: 30/04/2008





Pastor, Rafael

Scnientific coordinator and contact


Corominas, Albert

Professor emeritus







García-Villoria, Alberto

Tenured professor



Contract description

Given an existing production planning, control and traceability software, the objective is to incorporate procedures for the efficient programming of order operations in equipment, considering that the production systems where they are applied are characterized by continuous replanning (by arrival of a new order, the modification of an order or the state of the system, or any unplanned stoppage) and in "near-real" time.

Given a set of orders in a batch manufacturing system, each with a specific delivery date (with very high penalties if they are not fulfilled) and the energy consumption of performing each operation of each order, on each machine where it can be processed, it is desired to schedule the operations of the different orders in order to minimize the overall cost; which is formed by the penalties for finalizing the orders before (for storage cost) or after (for the delay penalty) of the delivery date and considering, in turn, the cost of the energy used to perform the operations.

The cost of energy can become very important since, on the one hand, the different machines that could perform an operation can consume different amounts of energy and, on the other hand, the companies to which the software is destined work at night, when the cost of energy is lower.


Amount: 27.500,00 €


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